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Each course you are enrolled in will appear on your course list (after logging in) on the date the course is scheduled to begin. Please consult the Emily Griffith Course Schedule for more information. If you have just registered, please allow a few hours for the information to be transferred to the integrated learning platform that will enable you to access your class.

Please Note: The course shells and current enrollments  for 2018-2019 fall and spring terms will be available to instructors Monday, July 16th, 2018.  The error with the course start and end dates in D2L not matching the schedule in Jenzabar, has been fixed. Your course start and end dates will be identical to what is set in the schedule in Jenzabar. This means that once you make your course 'ACTIVE' by checking the box under "Course Offering Information", then the course will open with the start date and time, and become 'INACTIVE' when the course end date and time occurs. 

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